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authentication of writing style

Discussion created by Stacy Kimmey on Jan 2, 2019
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I have searched around to see if other instructors are having the issue I am, but I cannot seem to find an answer. I use turnitin as a teaching tool to reinforce all the instruction I provide about citing sources appropriately, etc (this is a *big* etc). I also have plenty of discussion posts, smaller-stakes assignments, etc (another big "etc") to make sure my students are not graded on three essays only in my English courses. issue is with students submitting essay drafts that have clearly been written by someone else. This has happened several times now in my 10 years of teaching online. My question: is there an authentication software that will analyze multiple samples of a student's writing in Canvas--and then "match" it against other, larger-stakes assignments, like essays? Or, more simply perhaps, is there an authentication app out there that would allow an instructor to submit two or three short pieces of written text and have it compared against something more comprehensive, like an essay, to see if there is consistency in writing style? I always tell my students that their writing style is like a thumb print--so where is the software to support this theory?

Thanks for any guidance you might offer....