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In assigning a quiz, is there an easy way to generate a list of all students rather than "Everyone" so that individual students can be pulled out of the list?

Question asked by Jim Hoffman on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Jim Hoffman

The type of situation I am wanting to address is the following - I want to administer a proctored Canvas based exam in a computer lab where identifying each IP address of each computer is not feasible and the group size makes entering a password on each computer impractical.  My thought is to open the exam only during the assigned period of time to only those students present.  Students not present at the assigned time would be given an alternate exam at later time.

Assigning the exam to "Everyone" and then using the "except" feature of creating a different assignment time does not accommodate the need to assign them to a different exam without confusing the point totals in Gradebook.  Having a prepopulated listing of individual names would allow deleting those not present so they are not assigned the original exam/points.  Is there a simple way of prepopulating the list other than entering them individually?