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Gathering quizzes over multiple courses to one location

Discussion created by Therese Bower on Jan 5, 2019
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Hi. I teach a semester course and give daily brief quizzes. Over the five years I've taught the course, I've created/repeated these quizzes in each Canvas course. I'd like to have one repository for all the quizzes, because what happens now is that, before I administer a quiz, I go back into any of the previous 7 courses to find the one I need. Sometimes I find it right away, other times I'm looking for multiple versions (for different periods I teach) and I only find one. If all the quizzes I have created were housed in one place, my life would be much easier.


Last year our IT person suggested I upload the quizzes to the commons. I painstakingly did that, and I renamed each quiz so that I would know exactly which type of quiz it was, etc. This system is not working, for a couple of reasons: 

1) The quizzes in the commons aren't organized in any way (that I can tell). I have to scroll down every time to find the one I want.

2) When I import the quizzes to a new course, I lose the nomenclature I worked so hard to establish when I put them in the commons in the first place. They default to their original titles, and then I have to go in an change the titles.

3) I can't download more than one commons quiz at a time? Is this true?

4) I can't see the quiz questions before downloading them from the commons to a course.


A colleague had an idea: that I should create a "dummy" course and put all the quizzes from the old courses there. That was my new plan and I started working on it today. Now I have 200+ quizzes in the "dummy course" under "Assignment Quizzes", but I can't organize or sort them in a meaningful way (and there are lots of duplicates, so I'd like to sort alphabetically and eliminate the dupes). Furthermore, having them all in one place is only really helpful if I can group them or sort them alphabetically. I don't want to have to scroll through 200+ every time. My goal would be to group them and move them over in bunches as we work our way through the material.


Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't think the question bank is a great option for me, because these are five question quizzes and it seems like it wouldn't be worth the trouble.


Thanks in advance. I feel like what I want is pretty simple but I can't figure out a way to do it that a) won't take forever and b) result in a system I can actually use.