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Enable Make up test after class has concluded

Question asked by Edward Lulofs on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Edward Lulofs

I'm asking for Tatiana Harrison's fall 2018 CS 111 class.

She is trying to set up a make up final exam.

She set the test available dates ok.

Then the student was not allowed to take it because Canvas said that it couldn't start because the class had ended.

I told her and she resent the end of the class for Jan 8, 2019.

But the student was  still  not allowed to take the test.

I told the student to reschedule the test.

I don't have access to that class of hers to try to get it running.

Maybe by tomorrow we can get the test to run.


Ed Lulofs  office phone 509-963-2066

Tatiana Harrison's office phone 509-963-1496