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Points and Weighted grades for Assignments, again

Question asked by Robert Schine on Jan 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2019 by Kona Jones

I have read everything I can about weighted grades and, being relatively new to Canvas, am still confused. I'd like to ask the question by stating my goal and asking simply how I get there:


I want to set up a course in which the final grade will consist of the following components:


4 brief essays, 40% of the final grade

Quizzes, 20%

a final exam, 20%

presentation, 10%

participation, 10%


I understand this much: that I need to set up "assignment groups".  


My questions:

1. Do I need five such "Assignment Groups", one for each category above, even if there only one item in the group?

2. What function is served by the "Points" in individaul assignments?  (It seems not to matter what value I enter. Is that true?)

3. In one Assignment Group, can I weight individual assigments differently?  Or will, for instance, the Assignment Group for the four essays inflexibly divide 40% by four, so that each individual essay amounts to 10% of the final grade? (I ask because I usually like to weight the first essay less than the later ones, thus honoring improvement as students improve.)


Thank you!