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Image intergration workflow... Snagit/Flickr fail

Question asked by Richard Kujawa on Jan 7, 2019
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I've been using Snagit to screen grab and annotate imagery for years.  An accessory to Snagit allowed image to be shared to Flickr w a direct and robust URL being popped back to the clipboard.  That URL could then be pasted into the Content Editor on a page in CANVAS -- it'd appear as a image without adding an image -- it has been a great work process for me.  Flickr has changed.... the accessory inside of Snagit worked for my existing machine but I got an upgrade and, even w the same version of Snagit, it won't function w the new Flickr.  


Does anyone have any ideas on a similar work process from Snagit or some other snipping tool that will allow the same funtionality?  Snagit has its own sharing site ( but the resulting URL doesn't work inside of the CANVAS environment... nor does Google Drive (at least for my current effort).


I am going to explore a WORDPRESS site to see if I can achieve the same integration but I figured I'd ask this august group.


Best to all,


Richard Kujawa, Saint Michael's College, Vermont