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Password Protecting a Video

Discussion created by Sara Udelhofen on Jan 8, 2019
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Greetings All

We use Panopto for our video recording and hosting and have the integration within Canvas.  I have a faculty who wants to password protect videos of classroom sessions.  Ideally the goal is to not allow students to share the link to the videos.


I looked at session and folder permissions in Panopto and there isn't a password option.  Instructor doesn't want to have to edit permissions every time to add new email addresses for individuals who have Panopto permissions to view.  


On the Canvas side I've looked at setting up a practice quiz with a password and then embedding the video into a question.  The problem here is that if they expand the video to view full screen it will again give them access to the link that could be shared.  


Wondering if anyone has any ideas or what has worked for them.  Thank you in advance. 

Sara Udelhofen