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ConferZoom scheduling interface has changed and is not usable!

Question asked by Derek Wilson on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by Susan Reno

I logged into Canvas to begin to schedule my ConferZoom meeting for my classes, but the interface has changed into a calendar format that is not useable. Before I could select the calendar, choose the date, the duration, and the start and stop time in one simple interface. Now it is displayed as a large calendar that is very confusing as the top (with the days) is hidden when you scroll to later times, and there is no clear method to select the time of the ConferZoom session.


I have been using the ConferZoom tool in canvas for the past year without any problems. However, if this is the new format on Canvas, I may need to resort to using my personal Zoom account to meet with students.


Any advice and/or insight would be greatly appreciated!


Derek Wilson