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"Sort by score" vs "Sort by most votes"

Question asked by Beth Young on Aug 4, 2015
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What is "sort by score" using to sort? And is "sort by most votes" broken?


When I view feature ideas and "Sort by most votes," I get a message that says, "There is no content matching the filters that you have selected."

sort by most votes doesn't work.JPG


I thought "sort by score" would accomplish the same task, but when I paged through my results, it was obvious that "score" involves more than just votes. The vote totals start high on page 1 of results, descend to zero by page 6, jump back up to 64 on page 7, descend back to zero by page 12, jump to 57 on page 13.


I discovered this when I was trying to figure out a more efficient way to review/vote on feature ideas: Discovering new ideas for voting