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Can students view old submission details?

Question asked by Matthew Libera on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by Jennifer Simoneau



Maybe I'm missing something, but as I see it now, students cannot see details / feedback on older versions of an assignment submission.  Consider the following test case:


1) Test Student - submit assignment

2) Instructor - grade assignment

3) Test Student - can see grade and feedback.

4) Test Student - resubmit assignment - can no longer see the old submission (either on Assignment page or Grades)

5) Instructor - grade new submission

6) Test Student - can see grade and feedback on most recent only.


This seems odd.  Why can't the student see the older versions of their assignment?  It would make sense to me to allow the students to see the "progression" of their work.


Am I missing something?  I searched the boards but could not find anything...


-- Matt