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Students returning to a quiz later

Question asked by Regan Barr on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by Kona Jones

I have a class in which I'm creating homework as a quiz, because most of the answers are cut-and-dried, right or wrong, and I want Canvas to grade it form me. (Is there another option for having Canvas do the grading that I haven't found outside of the "quiz"?)


My immediate question is about students entering a quiz multiple times. I saw another thread in which it was stated that a student can return to a quiz later as long as their time has not expired. The answers are auto-saved when a student leaves. So I have two questions about this.


(1) In order for a student to return later, do I need to check the "Allow Multiple Attempts" box? Or does that have no bearing on whether they are allowed back in, as long as their time has not expired?


(2) If a student can automatically get back in as long as they have time remaining (my second question above), what prevents a student from opening the quiz, taking screen prints all the way through the quiz, going out to find the answers, then returning later when they have done so?


TIA for any help you can give this relative newbie.