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How to create custom Tool Consumer Profiles and associate with developer key?

Question asked by jaeyoung choi on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by jaeyoung choi

I am developing LTI2 Tool with Plagiarism Detection Platform with reference to the link below.

Plagiarism Detection Platform - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

### JWT Access Tokens for LTI2 Tools - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 


I created JWT Access Tokens and request Tool Consumer Profiles (TCP) with Authorization Bearer <JWT access_token> for restricted set of services/capabilities.


But I could not find restricted set of services/capabilities because my developer key does not associated with custom Tool Consumer Profiles which ask to create.


Please tell me how to create custom Tool Consumer Profiles and to associate with developer key.


Thanks for all your help.