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Late Assignments Feature with Integrated Content

Question asked by Matthew Moore on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Erin Hallmark

Late Assignments Scenario:

  1. An instructor is importing grades from a third party (McGraw Hill Connect). 
  2. The teacher is applying the MacGraw Hill Late assignments feature so grades import with the late assignment deduction already.
  3. There is no record in Canvas of when the assignment was submitted in McGraw Hill. ( I think ? )
  4. This teacher also has really cool assignments in Canvas, created in Canvas, and that are graded additionally to these assignments.  These assignments do have submission dates.


Question:  Can the teacher apply the late assignments rule to Canvas?  Will it affect the grades coming from MacGraw Hill?  We don't want to penalize a student twice.  I am thinking that because there is no record of the assignment submission time in Canvas ( please verify ) that the code skips that grade and does not apply the Canvas rule as it would not know the time of submission.


Does that make sense?  I am currently afraid to test this in a live class, and I was hoping someone in this group might know the answer or to whom I could send this question. 


Happy New Year!