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Pushing a Course Home Page using Blueprint?

Question asked by Kate Burkes on Jan 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by Kate Burkes

Hi folks.  New Canvas admin here.  We are requiring all our instructors to use a simple homepage with student resource buttons on it, in every course, every semester.  Problems is, they don't do it (involves them downloading from it from Commons -- not hard, but they don't bother). So we are left combing through 1500 courses before the term begins to check for and add the correct homepage.  Very frustrating and very time consuming!


Wondering if it would be possible to add the homepage to courses using a blueprint course?  The blueprint would only have the homepage in it. And then we would need to sync it to multiple courses.  Can this be done from the top level admin account and sync to courses in a specific term?  We can generate a list of course IDs if needed.


We wouldn't need to keep a connection between the blueprint course and the 'child' courses.  I just want to do the sync to push the home page out, and then disconnect them (not sure if that works).  Will the homepage remain in the child courses?


I realize there may be better ways to do this -- APIs and such.  We are not experienced in any of that (no programmers in my department).  We just want a simple way to add a correct homepage to all our courses in a term. 


All feedback appreciated.