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Survey results keep indicating 'correct answers are hidden'

Question asked by Heather Bickel on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by Mark Rash

Good morning,


I'm an admin testing various quiz options and I've run across an issue I can't seem to fix. I'm creating a Likert Scale, following the tutorial here: 4152,63277 


It uses a multiple drop-down answer format, and whether its a graded or ungraded survey, you are not given the option to indicate a "correct answer" (which is correct, that's how its supposed to work). However, in my "student" results, I get a message saying the "Correct answers are hidden". If I go into quiz details and check the box "Let Students See the Correct Answers", the results come back and indicate that the "correct answer" is defaulted to the first answer. In this case, the default would be "Strongly Agree". A survey does not allow you to select any Possible Answer as the correct one. The arrows are grayed out, all are listed as Possible answers, not Correct Answers.


I shouldn't be getting any message about "correct answers hidden" on a survey. I've played around with a lot of settings at this point, but I still end up seeing "Correct answers are hidden". I don't want students to fill out a survey and then be told that they somehow missed the "correct" answer. Anyone have a solution for this?


I've attached some screenshots.