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Tab Use in Rich Content Editor - Essay Question Bug?

Question asked by Michelle Franz on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by Jonathan Gibson

We are currently having great difficulty with student use of the rich content editor in essay questions in exams. When presented with an essay question they are naturally used to formatting written responses with an indent at the start of a paragraph. What they aren't used to is not having the ability to use the tab key to do so.  As a result when a student hits the tab key to indent that doesn't occur and the student is take to the next open field. In many cases this may be to save the question but the more troubling problem is that when the essay is ordered as the last question on the exam (which is the case more times than not) when the student tabs they ultimately submit and save their exam without an essay response.  Resolutions we are already putting into place include the instructor re-ordering the question to avoid the potential submission without essay, faculty warning students of the issue, and our test center doing the same. Ultimately though, these warnings are falling on deaf ears and faculty aren't re-ordering exam questions so we aren't truly resolving the issue.


Is anyone else having this problem? What are you doing to resolve the issue?