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Visibility of a rubric attached to any assignment

Discussion created by Erin Thomas on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2019 by James Jones

I've been looking for a discussion and/or idea about this but I cannot find one. Perhaps I am not using the best search terms.


I would like an icon to appear next to any Assignment item listed on the Assignments page that indicates if there is a rubric attached to that Assignment (or not). This should apply to discussions as well as assignments. Reasons:


1) To confirm that I have attached a rubric to a Discussion, I have to click into each discussion. I recently "cleaned up" a rubric I use for almost all discussions in multiple courses. In the process, the rubric was removed from some of the Discussions but not from all. I had to look at each one to confirm that the correct rubric was attached (click discussion, click view rubric times 16).


2) To confirm that I have a rubric attached to a TurnItIn Assignment, and to see which rubric it is, I have to unlink TII from the assignment then view the assignment. Then I have to re-link TII to the assignment. Cumbersome.


Adding an icon to the Assignment items page that quickly shows us if a rubric was attached, just like we can quickly see if each Assignment is published, would be a great help, it seems to me. And if I hovered over that icon, it would be really cool to see the name of the rubric which is attached.


Please share the community links if this has been discussed and/or proposed already so that I can vote it up.


Thanks - Erin