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How do I set LTI key/secret on URL basis while keeping custom params that vary between links?

Question asked by Jake Stanley on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by Jake Stanley

I am working on a common cartridge export package for a large online learning company.

We have noticed that when we import into Canvas, it automatically creates an LTI 'app' for each LTI link in the package. These apps contain the custom parameters that vary between every link (the URL itself is the same.)

When I create an LTI entry for the URL in general, that gets overridden by the automatically created individual links that just have 'fake' as the consumer key.

When the individual link apps are removed then the proper key/secret is sent, but the custom parameters are now missing.

Setting the key/secret manually on each link works but that is not a workable solution going forward.


How does one configure the LTI key/secret universally for some URL, but still send the custom parameters that vary between links, without manually configuring each and every link?


Thank you.