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Issues managing duplicate question banks

Question asked by Gregory Lund on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Sharmaine Regisford

It seems as though I end up with multiple duplicate question banks, this is a multi part issue that has bothered me for a few years. I'm just finally now trying to resolve it, instead of using my tedious work arounds.


Caveat: I searched for an answer to this, but keep finding my way back to the basics of building question banks and 'managing' them.



When copying content from an old course, into a new course, I often get multiple question banks with the same name.

If I edit one of them (Lets say "Chapter 1"), I have no way of knowing if my quiz is pulling from the 'proper' question bank, or the one that isn't updated.

When I click on the quizzes button on the left panel and then the three dots (to find "Manage Question Banks", I am provided a list of 'Course Question Banks' (there are no duplicates there at this time).

image of 'manage question banks' with no duplicates.

However, if I click the button: "View Bookmarked Banks", I get this much longer list (3 images)

Bookmarked Banks list 1


Bookmarked Banks list 2

and finally...

Bookmarked Banks list 3

Thus, that is one issue that I'd like some explanation on... (why the lists are different, is the second list bookmarked banks, or was the first list the bookmarked list).

NOTICE: there is no: 'UWT - Dent - Preface - Chapter 1' shown above (in either list)... but it is SOMEWHERE!


I can see (and select, thank goodness, because this is the one I just updated) 'UWT - Dent - Preface - Chapter 1', when I (in the same course) create a Question group, there are OTHER question banks from which I can choose (such as 'UWT - Dent - Preface - Chapter 1' as shown below...

adding a question group and using a question bank that was not visible 15 seconds prior image


Any thoughts?

Also, I'm wondering why the time below says 4:27 pm, instead of 3:27? Doesn't this SAAS adjust for changes in time?

^^^^ not an issue we need to discuss... however the question bank issue is.


Note, it does not appear that I can create a question bank at the account level. I can only do so at the Course level.


Thank you very much to whomever helps me figure this out. I owe you a big thank you and a coffee!

I'm really hoping to screenshare and look at all this together in real time. I promise to pay it forward after I figure it out.

I'm a geek, teach GIS and utilize Canvas extensively, it's bothering me that I can't figure this out.