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Joining Canvas Fact and Dimension Files

Question asked by Andrew Fuenmayor on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2019 by James Jones

New canvas user here with limited experience working with star schema data.  I am having trouble figuring out which fact and dimension files I need to build a simple table.  The table I want would look like this:


Assignment Table

Description: Each row is the score a given student got on a given assignment in a given course,section,term.

Student IDCourseSectionTermAssignment DescriptionAssignment DateScorePoints Possible
1001ANAT1700011605HW Assign 18/10/20181820
1001ANAT1700011605HW Assign 28/20/20181520
1001ANAT1700011605HW Assign 39/6/20181120
1001ANAT1700011605HW Assign 410/11/20181920
1001ANAT1700011605HW Assign 511/16/20182020
1501ENGL3700031605HW Assign 18/10/20181520
1501ENGL3700031605HW Assign 28/20/20181020
1501ENGL3700031605HW Assign 39/6/2018820
1501ENGL3700031605HW Assign 410/11/2018020
1501ENGL3700031605HW Assign 511/16/201812



Any help putting this together would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!