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Disable the ability to merge accounts with the same email address.

Question asked by Will Dastrup on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by ysmalls

We have a home grown SIS where students accounts are created when they register for our courses. we do not enforce unique email addresses.  However we have noticed that when students share an email address (two different accounts) the canvas system sends them an email asking if they would like to merge their accounts.  This we obviously don't want to do.  We want the SIS to manage the maintenance of the accounts.  Also, if one of these students goes into their profile settings if they add another email address to their account, they are then presented with the option of merging their account ( a plus sign appears next to the email address) with the other account that has the same email address.


Is there any way to disable the ability for anyone to merge accounts through canvas?  is there a way to get canvas not to send out that email that asks if they would like to merge accounts?


I understand the reasons to have students have their own email addresses, but we have not enforced it in the past and we have lots of customers that have found reasons to put the same email address on multiple students.