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Ensuring lecture views

Discussion created by Joan Beaudoin on Jan 17, 2019
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I started using Canvas last semester in several graduate level professional courses, and was appalled at the low level of lecture views. Many weeks it was less than a third of the class, and who knows if and how long they actually view the content. Ack! Since not watching the lectures has very real negative ramification on students' knowledge development and my time, I am trying to ensure engagement with the course content. 


I understand prerequisites and / or requirements can be added to modules to ensure that students are progressing through the course materials. I would like to use an ungraded assessment (i.e., does not contribute to a student's grade) with a mandatory number of points being achieved for a student to complete a module and move on. I attempted to add a quiz at the suggestion of our local Canvas help staff, but when I tried to do this it looks like quizzes must have points associated with them. 


Is it possible to create an ungraded assessment that has to have a certain number (or percentage) of correct answers before the assessment can be considered complete? Or, maybe there is another way to increase interaction with the course content I have developed? I am all ears!