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Question asked by Lupe Alvarado on Jan 17, 2019

I am Lupe Alvarado, a support Specialist, and I have an online seminary teacher who emailed me the following regarding one of her online seminary students [Student name removed due to privacy issues] and I need help in answering her question.  Please advice.  Maybe you can reply to her directly.  Her info. is listed below the memo.  If you you can CC me as well for my knowledge i would appreciate it.


TEACHER SIS. MALO   Emailed me the following Question:

[Student name removed] is doing the modules, but nothing is received by me to grade.  She says her Chrome site shows saving at the bottom while she does her work and she doesn't know why I'm not getting her work.  Started last week Monday to Wednesday I didn't see anything from her, so I called and she did work on it 1/11, 1/12 & 1/13 and I got those, but nothing else since then.  I can see she's been online, but nothing is coming over to be graded.


Thanks Lupe.  Greatly appreciate your help.


Love always,

Sis. Malo

[Instructor contact information removed]