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Total and Group Column Color Change

Question asked by Holmer Jordan on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by Todd Van Zandt

In the old and new grade book the Total and Assignment Group columns were a different color than the assignment columns. The assignment columns were white/off white and the non-editable Total and Assignment Group columns were grey. This was the type of "feature" that serves no real purpose other than to help the user visually distinguish between editable columns and non-editable summary/total columns. It is the type of feature you do not appreciate until it is gone. Well, it is gone now and all columns are the same color.


This seemed like a bug with the early January release, but after contacting Canvas support and having my inquiry elevated to the engineering team the answer I received was that this change was intentional. This change was not reported in the release notes.


It is now more difficult to use the grade book. This change was made with absolutely no thought put into how real teachers use the grade book.


May we please get some insight into this update? I will be posting this in "Ideas" section of this group as well.