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Canvas OpenID Authentication Issue

Question asked by ADMIN 0 on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by Ryan O'Dowd

We are trying to connect Canvas( with our application using opened authentication. We’ve configured openid connect and in “Login Attribute” we’ve filled ‘preferred_username’.


And we get the following user_info response from server:

{"email":"","sub":"36","name":"name", "nickname":"nm", "preferred_username":"user_name", "family_name":"fm", "given_name":"gm"}


Moreover, We’ve added a user in Canvas with the same ‘Login ID’ which we receive in ‘preferred_username’. Following are the Canvas user details:

Full name: name
Show name: name
Sortable names: name
Default Email:
login Information
Category User information
Login ID: user_name
SIS ID: sid_id
Integration ID:

Now when we’re trying to authenticate user via . We’re getting the error “Canvas has no user account: user_name”.


It would be really helpful if you can guide us through.