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Canvas OpenID Authentication Issue

Question asked by ADMIN 0 on Jan 18, 2019

We are trying to connect Canvas( with our application using opened authentication. We’ve configured openid connect and in “Login Attribute” we’ve filled ‘preferred_username’.


And we get the following user_info response from server:

{"email":"","sub":"36","name":"name", "nickname":"nm", "preferred_username":"user_name", "family_name":"fm", "given_name":"gm"}


Moreover, We’ve added a user in Canvas with the same ‘Login ID’ which we receive in ‘preferred_username’. Following are the Canvas user details:

Full name: name
Show name: name
Sortable names: name
Default Email:
login Information
Category User information
Login ID: user_name
SIS ID: sid_id
Integration ID:

Now when we’re trying to authenticate user via . We’re getting the error “Canvas has no user account: user_name”.


It would be really helpful if you can guide us through.