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Dynamically Drip-ing course content / modules based on student invite date

Question asked by Kunal P on Jan 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

Hi, I'm an instructor using your Free Canvas for Teacher product.

Just want to clarify one thing here based on what I need to do. I have one course right now, and the same set of modules for all students....but the module unlock dates have to vary based on the start date (each student could have different start dates as I admit them into the course on a rolling basis). So for example:

*Student 1:*
start date: Feb 1
module 1 unlocks: Feb 1
module 2 unlocks: Feb 8
module 3 unlocks: Feb 15
and so on

*Student 2:*
start date: Feb 5
module 1 unlocks: Feb 5
module 2 unlocks: Feb 12
module 3 unlocks: Feb 19
and so on

Is this possible with Canvas? If so, I'd love to learn how I can do this.

Thank you!