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Question asked by Karen Corkery on Jan 19, 2019
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Hello, My name is Karen Corkery and I live in Dunedin, Florida. I am enrolled in the Family Nurse Practitioner Post- Master's Certificate Program. l am an older student so all this online learning is new.  It is a bit daunting and over whelming. I hope I can master this quickly.


I have been in the nursing field for 32 years. Most of my nursing career has been in OB/GYN  and Infertility.  I was a labor and delivery nurse for ten years.  I went back to school for my MSN in 1998 and became a Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner. I am also a US Army Nurse Corps veteran.  I was very fortunate to have been stationed in Hawaii.  They also trained me as an an Ob/Gyn nurse with a 16 program.  I was a Labor and Delivery Nurse for 10 years.


My goal of this program is to obtain an additional certification in Family Practice.  I have the opportunity to join a colleague in her practice of Family Health and Urgent Care.  She would like me to also start up Women's Health Care at her clinic as well.


An interesting fact about me is that I have completed 7 sprint triathalons.