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what the heck is wrong with canvas for delgado community college...

Question asked by Nathan Stone on Jan 19, 2019
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first of all i know thats its not the quality of my wifi... face book looks like it always does, hell even this page looks professional... but when i log into canvas on the page looks primitive... like some one read the first chapter of an html programming book and then went into note pad armed only with the ability to place black text on a white screen, and place some shoddy links... the first thing i see when i log in are these absolutley huge icons with links under them... there is a giant dashboard icon that takes up the whole screen, then there is a giant book icon for courses, and a calendar icon, a messages icon and a giant question mark... each of these icons does not change when i change the percentage of zoom in/out... beyond that what text and links there are render the site completely impossible to navigate... i have been trying for 2 hours to just make entries to the introduction discussions assignments. and cannot make the stupid site work. i am paying to go to college and i am trying very hard to start out on the right foot and i cant even do my first assignments. consider me upset