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Was there an announcement about the voting on Feature Ideas changing from 30 to 100?

Question asked by Canvas Admin Expert on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by Kona Jones

I've noticed today that Renee Carney, Scott Dennis, and Jordan Dayton have been going through archived feature ideas with the following information for those who might stumble over an archived feature idea:


Panda-Cat: A mythical creature that we dreamed up to catch your attention, make you laugh, and encourage you to keep reading the explanation of our archive process for Feature Ideas


Archive: An archived Feature Idea is not dead forever, but it has been taken out of stage progression.  When Community members submit feature ideas they are reviewed by the Community Team and then put to a vote by the community at large. If the idea does not receive 100 votes within 3 months it will be archived.  Ideas that reach the 100 vote threshold within the first three months remain open for voting. Find more information about this process at How does the voting process work for feature ideas?


Can archived ideas still become a feature?  Yes.  Some feature ideas that do not receive 100 votes are resubmitted by Community members and find more supporters as people's needs change, rising more quickly to the top.  Oftentimes archived feature ideas are evaluated in groups when we are preparing to refactor a particular tool or feature of Canvas and may still influence product direction.





However, if you look at the bolded sentences in the above, you can see they talk about a 100 vote threshold. I was not aware of this as I was still operating under the impression of a 30 vote threshold. Did I miss an announcement about this or does this constitute said announcement?