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Discussion created by Brad Hillson on Jan 21, 2019
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We have hit a problem in terms of identifying students with an Individual Learning Plan in Canvas when grading an assignment.  We have an internal process where student grades can be modified based on whether they have an ILP or not (and what their needs are), but we have no way of seeing who these students are in Canvas (that is an efficient process!).  We have tried to using Sections and assigning students with the same individual needs (e.g. Dyslexia) to these sections.  We would then create multiple copies of the same assignment (modifying the assignment based on the ILP need) and assigning these assignments to the relevant Sections.  However, there could be numerous students with completely different requirements so this would result in multiple Sections being created, then multiple versions of an assignment being created and linked to those Sections, this results in multiple assignments to grade, then within Gradebook there would be multiple columns for the same assignment so grades for students on the same course would be displayed over multiple columns.  This all results in a difficultly to extract these grades and upload them to our Student Records System.  This is an efficient way of working for us so any suggestions welcome, I would be interested to know how other institutions have tackled this similar issue.