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Partial Credit on Quiz Items

Question asked by Joy Don Baker on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Juliet Crocco

I need to give #partial credit for multiple choice test item(s) within a quiz issues In Blackboard I can make each response have partial value automatically scored such as a=100%; b=80%; c=70%; & d=60% and no response=0%. In Canvas if the student responds with anything other than "a" or the "correct answer" the result is 0%. I contacted the Canvas chat and was told they have no option for partial credit for quiz items and faculty will have to grade each item/student manually, if you have large numbers of students this is a sorely needed element. I understand if other people wish to use partial credit process that they have to "vote" to make this happen. Please vote to have Canvas make this option available. Also if any one can help me with a work around other than grading each item individually for each student please provide that to me and also please vote to get Canvas to add this option as a priority in their revisions. Thank you.