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Speed Grader scores not appearing in grade book and students not getting checked off as I grade

Question asked by Tom Wills on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

I am using Speed grader and when I click the Blue Update score button at the bottom of the page, the score is updated in the box on the speed grader page, but the green check mark is not appearing next to the student's name and the grade is not being shown as a number in the grade book - it remains a paper icon - when you go to the grade book and click on the page icon, the number there is correct but the only way to force it to show is to put in a wrong number and then once again put in the correct number to force it to show up. This is super inconvenient. Is there a setting I am missing here? Something I have done to make this happen to me?