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LTI - How to get full return url to page

Question asked by Genadi Sokolov on Jan 22, 2019

Hi everyone!


Inside basic LTI launch provider application, Is there a way to get a full return url to Canvas page where the LTI launch was done from?


We have a working external tool integration with Canvas of LTI provider application, including deep linking (content item), where users have a button in the rich text editor for embedding media content. The Content item is iframe LTI launch.


The rich text editor can be used in many places such as Canvas Pages, Modules, etc 

The problem is, that inside the LT basic launch I'm having trouble of figuring out the exact url the LTI launch is embedded on. The LTI "launch_presentation_return_url" always contains link to the root url of the course.

For example if the page url is: the return url would be: (same goes for modules, etc).


I've tried looking at variable substitutions, but couldn't find variables for the full url.