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User Engagement "Click" Data

Question asked by Tim Kish on Jan 23, 2019

I'm not certain that this is the right forum for this, but I've been trying to establish a way to pull user data from Canvas' database in order to map the number of "clicks" on each type of user request and do some large-scale analysis. I thought I had it working properly...but the numbers are way out of whack. 10,000+ clicks in some cases in multiple categories by a single user. I'm currently grabbing the numbers from the requests table and bringing in data from other sources to flesh it out. Thought it was a join error at first but that doesn't seem to be the case. It obviously also does not align with the click data we can export on a one-off basis from the Canvas native environment.


Am I wrong in believing that the requests table is the set of clicks that a user performs? If so, does anyone have the best way to pull this information out of the database? Thanks in advance. Happy to provide more information or post in a different forum if that would help.