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Self-grading quizzes with open answers?

Question asked by Traci Gardner on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by Traci Gardner

Howdy, everyone,

I'm trying to do the ungrading thing by asking students to award/declare the points they earn when they complete various tasks. I'm having a hard time finding an efficient way to make the system work. Everything is fine when they declare their points in T/F quizzes, which I use for tasks like reading the daily posts and replying to posts. 


I'm running into trouble on the tasks where the student has to turn something in. I'm teaching Technical Writing, so there's no way around asking students to turn in their memos, letters, and reports. I thought that if I set the quiz question asking for the upload or Google Doc link to zero, and then asking a T/F question worth 100 points would do the trick. The problem is that Canvas wants me to go in there and award all those zero points manually. If I don't, the grade isn't showing in the gradebook.


The only options I can imagine are clunky two-step things (e.g., upload your memo over in Assignments as ungraded work and then come to Quizzes and complete a declaration to give yourself the points). That just seems confusing to me.


Anyone know of a solution?