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API call to get new gradebook setting?

Question asked by Greg Administrator_Vogl on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by Glen Parker

Can an API call be used to determine whether a course is using the new gradebook?


Our Canvas admins have made the new gradebook optional for instructors. We are trying to determine which courses have it enabled, which could be used to get a percentage adoption rate and instructor feedback to help decide whether and when to enable it for all courses. (Other considerations are at New Gradebook or Not New Gradebook.) 

Technical details:

We currently run a daily process to get information about all current semester courses using the courses API: Courses - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation. But I can't find a Canvas property or setting for this in the courses API page or the list of all API resources. I also looked at the API results of a course and its settings with the new gradebook enabled, but found no difference from a course without it.

The JavaScript variable ENV.GRADEBOOK_OPTIONS.new_gradebook_development_enabled is present in the gradebook page of a course where the new gradebook is enabled, and not in the page of a course using the old gradebook page. But this would probably be very difficult and time-consuming to automatically detect in thousands of courses (e.g. using Google Tag Manager).