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Embedded Google Docs and Feedback

Question asked by Jocelyn Gukeisen on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by Kona Jones

When we embed a Google Doc as a Canvas assignment, we'd like for the feedback given in SpeedGrader to show up for students in their Google Doc. This is what happened last year. Was there a change that affected this feature? If so can we get it back? Am I missing something? 


Currently, Canvas makes you download the document with the feedback on it and turns it into a Word Document (presumably so you can track changes.) However, that doesn't work with a Chromebook very well, since they don't use Word. So, it would be better (and this happened last year!) if students opened their assignment and saw the comments directly on their Google Doc without having to download it. The comments would use the Google Doc Comment Function, so students could "resolve" them or respond to them as they made corrections. Then, they could submit/resubmit the assignment. SpeedGrader is such a useful tool for grading, this would eliminate some confusion and probably appeal to more teachers!


Thank you!