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How to show feedback on essay quiz questions?

Question asked by Dawn Venema on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by Dawn Venema

I haven't seen this exact question addressed in any other Q and A's that are already posted. I created 2 different quizzes with 1 essay question on each (other Qs were MC, MA, or TF). I had grades muted while I was manually grading the essays. After grading all quizzes, I added general feedback into the text box under the essay question because I wanted to offer the same comments to all students and not go through the tedious nature of putting this feedback into individual student's submissions in Speedgrader. For one of the quizzes, I can see this feedback in my own Test Student submission of the quiz. For the other quiz I cannot. I can't figure out why there is a discrepancy, as I'm doing it the exact same way in each quiz. The only difference I can think of was that I submitted one of the quizzes as the Test Student after I had unmuted the grades (this is the one for which I can see the essay feedback). For the other quiz, I had submitted my Test Student quiz prior to unmuting the grades.

Any suggestions for how I can make the feedback visible in both quizzes? I'm about to resort to simply posting an announcement about this particular quiz question, but you'd think there'd be a solution to doing this in the quiz itself.