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Setting the Decaying Average

Question asked by Tracy Langlie on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by Kona Jones

Hopefully someone has some insight about the decaying average feature and how to manipulate and/or set the scale. For example, in the guides it states: "By default, the Canvas decaying average is set at 65/35, meaning the current item is weighted at 65%, and the average of all other user scores is weighted at 35%. However, users can specify between 1% and 99% for the current percentage, and prior scores are weighted against the percentage difference. Note that the average is rounded to the next two decimals. If there is only one result, then the single score will be displayed."


The reason I ask is that our district uses a specific decaying average scale: 65% (most recent), 23%, 8%, 4% (the older assignments are all 4%). 

It says that users can specify this, but from what I've seen when I set up outcomes, you cannot. Is this a paid feature? Or is this a feature that a district can "turn off?"  


Our district is moving toward proficiency based grading and this has been a sore spot for many of our secondary teachers who like using CANVAS to score many of their assessments. (Note: We have a separate Gradebook, and do not use CANVAS as our grading platform.)