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How to get SCROM Detail values through api

Question asked by aakash raj gajula on Jan 27, 2019

Hi Team,


I'm added Camtasia interacitve video through SCROM as a graded assignment. Inside the video i'm added 3 quiz sections now i want to know individual quiz details. In gradebook i'm getting only 1 section and that is showing 100points. If student completes Quiz1 and he left the video next time he has to continue the video and completes the next 2 quizes. So please anyone give the suggesstion how trace that values. 

if i use this url i'm getting these values

"grade": "75%",
"score": 75,

but i'm not getting individual values. here i'm adding image please check

If i create my own LTI tool for this how can i post the assignment values in gradebook

please give me suggestion