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Access to Linked Files in a Public Syllabus

Question asked by Glen Parker on Jan 28, 2019
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We're exploring making syllabus 'public' to users logged in to our Canvas.  There is a pair of settings that I can toggle, and I'm looking at either

Visibility:  Course         

Syllabus:  Institution


Visibility: Course

Syllabus: Public


The idea is to make it so the syllabus page is available to anyone who is logged in to our canvas, regardless of membership in a specific course.   This seems to work, but if the teacher links to files in their syllabus, students clicking those links end up on an "unauthorized" page.   What's odd is that linked/embedded images do load for the non-member students.   It's only the link files that are unauthorized.


Is there a setting that would allow for public syllabus pages in which linked documents can be viewed?