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Help! API update user issue

Question asked by Adam Craik on Jan 29, 2019
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We've had a mishap.


The API that creates users in Canvas doesn't appear to have been including "communication_channel[skip_confirmation]=true" for an indeterminate amount of time.


Students have not been aware that they need to confirm the account in an email sent to them (nor have we) - the result being that students are not receiving Canvas announcements via email, causing some upset and confusion.


We'd like to resolve this ASAP, but I can't see anything in the API documentation about how we can change this parameter in the "edit a user" or "Update user settings".


Can it be done? Is there even a way to determine which users are affected (other than masquerading)? Or are we stuck with an awareness campaign to ask all users to check/resend the email and accept it?


Thanks for any help with this Canvas Developers & Canvas Admins