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Video dimensions are smaller in Pages than in Files

Question asked by Catherine Pace on Aug 6, 2015
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I have some videos that I recorded and produced with Camtasia.  When I upload the videos to "Files," they are nicely sized and can be viewed with little or no scrolling.  However, when I go to "Pages" and put a link to any of the videos in Files, they display at a smaller size in Pages that requires a lot of scrolling.  There is a lot of space at the top and bottom of each "Page" with banners, links, etc.  Is there a way to minimize the width of the top and bottom administrative space in Pages to allow for more space for videos?  Is it possible to change the size of the video window in Pages?  I would like to make the videos as pleasant and convenient to watch in Pages as they are in Files. 


Thank you.

Catherine P.