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Is this a Bug? Canvas tools aren't working in Chrome.

Question asked by Brantlee Richter on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by Jay Savage

I've been having this problem for nearly a year. Certain Canvas tools (photo roster, library reserves, manage users) just don't work in Chrome. The frame displays a log-in screen instead of the requested tool, and logging in doesn't do anything. The same tools work fine in Firefox, but we're using Honorlock, which requires Chrome. 


After months of going round with our E-Learning tech folks, we finally figured out that it's an account setting in Chrome, at which point the tech folks bowed out and said account settings aren't their territory. Totally understandable, but I still have the problem! 


The account setting in question is the "sync" function. If you are on Chrome, signed in to your Google account, the sync feature keeps you synced across devices. This is the default setting for running Chrome, but it's the setting that is messing up the Canvas function. If I reset or reload Chrome and start it up without the sync function enabled, everything works. But let it sync and the Canvas tools go dead. 


I'm not the only one at my institution who is having this problem. I don't know if all the others are also on Macs, as I am, but the techie I was working with said they'd been getting multiple calls about the same phenomenon. It's very frustrating, because Chrome is the recommended browser on which all of our tools are supposed to work. The only thing the tech folks could do was suggest using Chrome for Honorlock and Firefox for managing users, etc. This is terribly impractical! 


Is anyone else seeing this problem? Has anyone found a solution? Is this a True Bug?