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Sub-Account Admin Privileges

Question asked by Jaclyn Smith on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by Jaclyn Smith

Canvas Admins Hello everyone! I realize I know the answer to this question deep down, but wanted to confirm with the brains in the community - 


The highest sub-account admin privileges can never create new user accounts in the institutional Canvas, only parent account admins can perform this function, correct? I created a test sub-account admin privilege where I enabled SIS-import in this specific sub-account but it looks like this specific admin still doesn't have access to this. I do know that he can add users into courses if they already have existing accounts. 


If someone has a special trick to give one single sub account admin the ability to create new accounts via .SIS import, I'm dying to know! 


My instance of Canvas is for Continuing and Professional Education, so our courses are non-credit based. We offer courses to a lot of private companies and I would like this particular individual to be able to upload these thousands of employees on his own without having access to our whole entire parent account, if that makes sense.


Thanks in advance!