AnsweredAssumed Answered, Google Drive, & Speedgrader Integration Issues

Question asked by KIRAN ZAMAN on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by Eric Werth
  1. It currently takes my students 19 clicks (we counted) to get an essay submitted to a Canvas Assignment that uses external tool LTI and is pulling their essay from their Google Drive folder from their school-issued iPads.
  2. For many students, the process of submitting gets deadlocked at some point or another: "Google Drive" not showing up as an option from which to pull their document; Google Drive pops up as an option but no documents are able to be found; app keeps crashing, etc.
  3. If they are able to submit the assignment as stated in #1, no device that I have tried allows me to see a .gdoc  - they all say "Upload failed", although it gives me the ability to manually download each individual file, which then can only be opened if I open up Google Docs.


What can I do to resolve this issue? Why do the LTI and Google Drive integration exist if they are going to be so clunky?


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