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Change the default paintbrush color for annotations? And other Teacher app thoughts...

Question asked by Polly Robinson on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by Rebekah Buckland

Hi all,

Like some of you, I am eagerly anticipating the Canvas will update the annotations option in the viewer to include a pencil (not a paintbrush). My questions are:


  • when using the Teacher app, if I make an annotation on an assignment, I can no longer swipe right to left to get to the next student. I must hit "Done" to go back to the ungraded list. This is odd. Anyone else find this?
  • When I do the above (annotate and hit "Done," go back to list and tap on next assignment to grade, to annotate I have to go back and re-select my ink color (I stay away from red, just...because). Is there a way for me, an end user, to set a default color that is NOT red?
  • Is there any sort of master "settings" option in the Teacher app to allow me to configure individual things?
  • When in the Teacher app I still cannot view the gradebook (I know, we had a huge discussion about this). But if I'm in the app and grade a student's late (but excused late for full credit) work, I have to go back to a browser and tell it "never mind, it's not really late, don't deduct points." It'd be great to have the option to not count an assignment as late somewhere in the Teacher app.