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Weighted groups and subgroup assignments

Discussion created by Sophia H on Jan 31, 2019
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For instructors with classes that have two grading systems (students earning two credit hours and students earning three credit hours). It’s understood that the groups (assignments) have a specific weight assigned for their grades depending on their specific assignments.... my question: is there a way to organize this easier for the students to be aware of the assignments they are responsible for? Perhaps a functionality that the student selects that acknowledges/enrolls into 2 credit hour or 3 group that then will branch to the specific “assignments (groups)” that they are to complete. Are there other ways to do this so that teachers and students are aware of what  students are assigned? 


2 credit hours:

-5 quizzes

-2 discussions 

-1 final exam 


3 credit hours:

-10 quizzes

-4 discussions

-1 thesis paper

-1 exam 


Usually these are all in the same group and the student has to pay special attention to the syllabus which has provided confusion on assignment deliverables. 


Thanks in advance.