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Current school year (2015-2016) student/teacher schedules not displaying

Question asked by Robert Tatham on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2015 by Kona Jones

As an admin logging into Canvas, I don't see many of my schools showing their 2015-2016 terms or for that matter their marking periods for the 15-16 school year. I believe the problem is that for these school that are showing this fall's terms/marking periods (S1, S2, T1, T2, T3, Q1-Q4, etc..) is possibly happening because for those school's their 1st day of school is at least a week or more away from today's date (August 12, 2015).


On the other hand, we have two schools who started on August 10th and their terms/marking periods ARE showing up in the Terms list.


So if I am having this problem where the terms do not show up for a school until the school actually starts, how can I allow canvas to have the schedules viewable to our teacher technologist who are planning training in Canvas a few days prior to the start of the school year.


All of our data is imported each night from Power School. Does this mean I have to change the marking period start dates so that Canvas will see these terms??????


Thank you for your help!