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Problems with changing Discussion status

Question asked by John Kirkland on Feb 4, 2019
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A work-around:  I'm designing a multi-module course which has many discussion topics.  My work-around for organising these was to place them all as pinned.  What a pain in the butt getting them there; first, having to copy-paste into Discussions (where they are automatically unpinned), then secondly, of shifting them all to the pinned area one by one.  It took hours.  OK - here's my little problem.  I now have over a hundred Discussions. My plan is to make these available for each topic/module by switching their published status. I also want to affect changes with opening and closing comments. If I click on a discussion near the bottom of this long list (on those three vertical dots at extreme right) then suddenly I am transported to the top of the entire listing and have to then scroll down manually to where I want to make a change.  To say this is tedious is too polite. Yet, sometimes, the cursor stays at the correct site location enabling me to make a change in the open/closed switch there and then.  What gives?  What's the trick for not having the cursor jump to the list's top.

Suggestions and comments for sorting this out are welcomed.  Cheers